Monday, July 11, 2005

The real picture!!

So I was having a talk with my uncle.. (he's placed at a high position in the banking industry..., and a gold medalist in MSc,electronics.... why am i telling u this?? read on....)

He was telling me about how bad Infy's finnacle was in terms of usability. He was also groaning about the usage of oracle in banks for data storage. The whole setup of the data centers was cumbersome and meant serious money. I like any other techie and open source evangelist suggested him better, cheaper and more secure open source products.

He replied with a simple but stunning question... CAN U BRIBE THE BANK BIGGIES???

man i was stunned... i was also told by lots of people that microsoft bribes to retain its market share... but this was too much....

I wont opine much on the matter... i'll leave it to u all to construe whatever u want.

I guess thats the way business works... Earlier i thought corruption was only there in India... but after chatting with people from aus,us, carribean, cambodia etc i think its there everywhere...
What i feel now is that something which is so prevelant should become the industry standard.... Companies shud start playing dirty... no point hiding behind that good boy image.

What do u think??

now just in case someone has an objection to the above post:

Whatever i have written above is a work of fiction. Any similarities with real life should only be considered as purely co-incidental ;-)

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