Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Tai Chi

Today was my first Tai Chi class. Yi had agreed to coach me. I thought it would be quite easy but man it really is difficult. I just learnt how to walk naturally. He also told me to do a WANG which is a gesture like pushing with outstreched palm... but doing it naturally with the flow.
It was awesome, although it was tiring but feeling the blood flow through your limbs is a great experience and it is unlike anything I had experienced before.

Although he agreed to teach me twice a week I suspended the class until i practiced walking perfectly. Well it wud really be kewl to add Tai Chi in my resume.

BTW Syracuse is what i call a global village... i have made many friends from other countries. My project mate is Jorge (its pronounced as Josh). He's from Costa Rica and is a geek in real sense.

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