Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chronicles of a nerd....

When i say the word *nerd* , I mean it in derogatory sense and not in the Napolean Dynamite's glorious form. I have my own definition of a nerd : Someone who spends more time doing what he likes best (generally only one) than with other human beings.
In my case, I definitely spend more time with my laptop than with other human beings. Not that I am doing my projects, just lazing around and tweeking stuff....

I am not a very fond of physical strain. I try to avoid exercises or trip to gym, and when i go to the gym, I discover new lows of my physical strength. Today was no different. I and X (he likes anonymity) were supposed to play ping pong today, a not so terribly taxing game. Now one thing about Mr X is that he is a geek but not a nerd... the types the world desperately need and the ones who will inherit the earth (X, dont kill me.... just a little spice is what everyone needs).
After loosing 4 ping pong games and 3 raquet ball games to him (that was all i could play), i called it a day. Not just ping pong or any other sport, i suck at chess, backgammon, pool etc... even the computer games. I realized that the only game I was good at is Hide & Seek.... too bad it is not there in olympics.

In genral we Indians suck at physical labour and time management.... there are quite a few exceptions though. X suggested an ingenious idea to schedule time for excercise... hmmm I can conquer my 2 of my biggest enimies. pray for me people


  1. trips to the gym always end with promises of everlasting faithfulness to the gym and I dont even look at the gym for several weeks....I guess what we Indians need is to be inspired.....or maybe Im just lazy;)

  2. I guess so... problem lies when we are inspired too much about something and we focus our life around it.

  3. buddy...hows life there???