Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Interview....

Few days back I had applied for an internship in Intel. Yesterday I got a mail asking me if I was ready for a phone screening. Fate wanted to play its game and I woke at 7 am today, that is really early for me, given that I sleep at around 3 am at night. Now since I didnt feel like sleeping so browsing felt like a totally viable option.
There was a mail from Intel asking me if I wanted to get interviewed today.... and I said yes. Now I never had a technical interview before. I was lucky to have lot of job offers without going through a proper interviewing process. (well my cv is kindda awesome :D). The interview was scheduled at 2:00 pm mountain arizona time. The anticipation really killed me.... you would be knowing how first interviews are!! Man was I shaky???
Although I was able to answer most of the questions but clearly I wasnt at my personal best. I was shaking uncontrollably. There were moments when I realised that i wasnt breathing and I had to conciously try to breathe. Some times I was so shaky and my hands were shaking so violently that I had to excuse myself for a while and make a fake coughing noise. One bad thing about phone screening is that it totally eliminates any facial cues provided by the interviewer. The pain continued for around 1 hour. My roomy told me that I did pretty good (thats because he is an electronics guys and took glib answers for confidence).

Pray for me. Who knows someday, you guys will be using an ATM programmed by me :)


  1. It would have been fantastic if you could join the kerala blog roll.

  2. Well I would love to... but I am not a keralite in true sense. Neither do i feel more connected to kanpur than south india. I love India as a whole... Enrolling for a particular state will take away my identity.

    Also I think most of my friends are in Bangalore so if at all I join blogroll I'll be joining karnataka's... but I dont think I will be.

  3. "Pray for me. Who knows someday, you guys will be using an ATM programmed by me :)"

    Now even after that you really want me to pray for you.....:) ... Hey man I know you can crack it....Let me give you my exp suggestions both as a interviewer and as a interviewee...Go in with a air such that you don't care for this job and you are technically capable of handling most of the might get a thought that, "what if I can't answer"..then assume you will have a really fruitful discussion with an old...really old the same time...dont look too a blend of don't to a friend....and not arrogant, friendly, passionate..guys attitude will get you in ...I used this in worked like a charm...but again each one have their own exp with which they learn...

  4. Well thats a viable thing to do, but on the phone it seems as if they dont care either :-|