Thursday, January 05, 2006

Customer Care

Well my post have been less frequent lately, I have been busy with my work lately but todays incident was a kick in ass ... I cant stop bitching about Vonage Customer Care.

I had a Road runner internet connection (I still have it) which is connected to a wireless router. I recently applied for a Vonage connection and had the setup done yesterday (I mean i did it myself... i got the stuffs delivered). This felt quite strange as I never imagined phone a tech gadget that has to be tinkered with or setup... In India all you have to do is to connect it to a socket or if you are unable to do it, call the local telephone repairmen, pay them Rs10 ($ .4) and get the damn thing working.
As usual i did not RTFM and made my own connections. I connected the modem to the linksys router provided by vonage and connected that to the wireless linksys router. My comp connects to the wireless router but I was not able to access the internet, but vonage connection was working fine. I had to go to work so instead of hacking around, I tried the easy way... called the customer care.

After a frustating 1 hour talk with the customer care officials, who seem to enjoy telling me to Click on the start button, Go to accesories, open command prompt and type p-as in papa, i-as in india, n-nigeria, ... it was really demeaning. The most frustating part was their accent. They were indians but sounded as if they were talking English for the first time (Man.. and believe me Indian english is good). After one hour I was told that my linksys router was flawed and I should call the linksys customer care.
I was going to give up when my roomy, sudheer, who was listening to this rant all the time asked me to change the gateway address (he is a ccna). And the damn setup started working. Two lessons learnt:
1)never call the customer care.
2)Learn more about networks.

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