Friday, January 27, 2006

To be or not to be...

Well today I saw new signs of instinctive behavior in me I never saw before. For the past few days I was having a compulsion to gift myself with something so every possible stimuli makes me escatic :P
I was reading a blog entry on carnivorus plants being sold at thinkgeeks. I went to thinkgeeks ... saw a T shirt with a cool logo and bought it without a hitch. Later I analysed that the deal was not good enough so cancelled the order. Later today I was listening to flute (yeah i listen to reaaly slow music when I code opposite to the normal coder crowd) and one thing lead to another. I had a recollectoin of one of the Corrs playing a tin whistle. That coupled with the fact that my father has around 30 flutes made me buy the tin whistle with the tutorials (for $30!!). I cancelled that order 5 minutes later and changed the music to hip hop. Playing flute(or a tin whistle) is a luxury I definitely can afford, given my hectic routine.

Downloaded Revolution OS finally. Reviews on my movie blog. :)

update: Read this post in the morning.... filled with typos and grammatical mistakes. I was really sleepy.


  1. hah hah....whats happening to you? I guess we all have those urges to spoil ourselves but random urges like that???? hmmmmmmmmmm.....:)

  2. Not random urges... I wanted a geek shirt to show off the Microsofty Linux ignorant crowd here in comparision to Bangalore.

    The tin whistle is cuz am the only one in my family who is not good in something like that. Dad plays flutes... all aunts dance bharat natyam, kathak, mohiniattam etc... so i feel like a black sheep :P ..( i did learn tabla and classical music for 2 years but science and computers excited me more)