Tuesday, January 24, 2006

If life was automatix

I have embarked upon the adventurous journey with ubuntu. Every day is a new invigorating experience for me. I was never able to be completely independent of windows... But ubuntu has changed the way I view things.

It came with Firefox1.07 and to install firefox1.5 I had to undergo a lot of trouble. Now as most of you know that running video on linux is a pain and there are compatibility issues. Even if u install vlc, some sites still crib about windows media player. Automatix comes into picture now....

It installs FF1.5 with all the plugins it can find along with full multimedia support. It was really one happy moment in my life when mplayer fired up in firefox to play wmp video. Totem works just as great to play all other stuff. Later installed enlightenment and fluxbox and was immediately transformed to another world, although I wont be shifting to them anytime sooner.

I discovered a funny thing by mistake. I dont know if it works on windows but if you are running firefox on linux, right click the icon... the target will be firefox %u. Change it to firefox %s. For a second I thought that there was an adware on my linux box :-|. And BTW automatix does lot more than just install firefox. It installs some 40 other hard to get and install software on Ubuntu breezy (/me teases FC users)... although it does pops a message saying that it is illegal to use the codecs in US :P ... Pirata ergo sum :). Ubuntu's NTFS integration is also really kewl.

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