Friday, March 03, 2006


Hmm... I got to tell you guys something... I got selected for second round of interview with MS. And believe me nobody is more surprised than I am. So soon I'll be flying off to Seattle (on their expense ofcourse).

I never told you about the interview. The interviewer was a female... and boy! she was really good looking. Well being a geek/nerd/dork myself, I generally like geeky females (probably the fact that I am single explains that :P... they are always in less supply). So I fell into an instant comfort zone with the interviewer... I was consciously controlling my tongue ( In words of Richard M Stallman... that would be like speaking about a rebel between peace corps) and was really trying hard not to compare Linux and windows in any way (It is definitely a matter of education to get any kind of bias out of your head., and heaven knows that I am trying hard to get educated). My work at the Dept of Psychology seemed to please her a lot (probably the term *Computational Neuroscientist* would have hit the spot)... And so after two weeks here I am, aspiring to get an internship as a Software Developer (SDE) in a company I was bitching about a few posts ago.
So if you have anything heavy and sharp, throw it at me.... AM FLYING TO SEATTLE.... YAY!!

And you would have noticed that the titles of my post seldom go with the content (A friend pointed it out to me)... well they are there for a reason. I am not a megalomaniac but I maintain my blog to document my life. Life is too vast to be documented in totality and since change is the only permanent thing in life and an essential attribute, I document it. My blog template, my posts, headers and even the side links shouts out CHANGE...
(you might think that I am a jerk but I like to read my blog a million times and introspect... just being libran :)


  1. congrats buddy :P , by the way transxp and stylexp eat too much resources , not my cup of tea :D

  2. well yeah... there are people living below the poverty line :P

    And Mr dunkindude, do explain the context.(for those who are confused:We were dicussing about modding the desktop...see his blog)

  3. I am happy :( and I am sad :). I know I have misused smileys :). All the best anyway.

  4. I am feeling the same way... :-/