Sunday, March 12, 2006

New York...

Yeah finally went to NYC. Even though I live so close by NYC, this was the first time I visited the place. The place was reminiscent of Bangalore save the architectural spectacle. There were rickshaws, hot dog vendors, people peeing on the streets, the filth on the road... i felt right at home.
Check out these videos...

Nah i did not capture those in my cam. Unfortunately my camera's battery died down abruptly. Some of the pics were taken by Nihir and Sudheer.

The career fair was not all that great, the freebies were great though. I wont talk much in this post...i'll let the pics and video do their work. The topmost pic links to my flickr page and has all the NYC pics.

Hope you guys enjoy these.


  1. good use of youtube :P , anyways just came back frm the trip tiring and fruitless but fun none the less , screwed life wid the project man when ev1 enjoys we warm our asses

  2. true but who ends up with the highest paying jobs?? :P

  3. nice vids....but I found the first one kinda funny though:D