Friday, March 17, 2006

V for Vendetta

Nah not the movie... the torrents aren't out yet :P. Am talking about the comic series. There is a popular quote:
Never Judge a novel by its movie.

So I decided to read the novel before the watching the movie. Normally anything related to movie/novel goes on my movie blog but since it was a comic and was kindda special to me, it made it to my regular blog.

Whoever said that comics were for kids cannot be more wrong. It is an adult comic book. If you have seen the movie or read the reviews, you would be knowing the basic story behind the comic. The strip was originally published between 1982-1985. The book was sorta futuristic for its time as it is based in the late 1990's. The movie shifted it to the late 2020's to retain the futuristic effect.

Few weeks back I was told about the movie. I was blissfully ignorant about its release date, so when a V for Vendetta torrent caught my eye, I immediately downloaded it. Much to my dismay, it turned out to be the original classic 10 issue comic book series. Not wanting to waste all the bandwidth, I started to read the comics and believe me its the best comic I have ever read, and I have read about millions of them.

Today I finished the last issue, and the end makes you to rethink your priorities in life. You feel good about yourself in a funny way and bad in other weird ways. Unlike movies like Swades or Rang De Basanti which make you feel patriotic or thereof lack of it, this comic book splits open all your self doubts and makes you feel miserable. The ending, however makes you feel good and surreal.

Update: saw the movie... a class in itself. Hugo Weaving has yet again given a classy performance, as V. Although the mask hides his face, the dialogue delivery makes up for it. The slight deviation from the original comic series has a big difference on the story. They both are parallel stories with different endings and are awesome in their own respect. A MUST WATCH


  1. thankooooo! Now Ill go out and get my very own copy of V for Vendetta...

    And if you want to read more profound comics which are NOT for children....please read The Sandman by Neil Gaiman(only if you find time of course).
    Its sooooooo fantabulous....words cant describe it.

    and you have ten books in the Sandman Series.
    But each one stands on its youre not hardpressed to read all the ten books to know what is going on..:)

  2. saw the movie as well... had no idea what it was about going into it...came out loving it! any hints on a good torrent for the movie? saw some torrente for soso to okay quality...wonder if it would hold me over til the dvd release

  3. check out for torrents... If you dont find it there then probably it is not yet out.