Wednesday, March 15, 2006

XGL+Compiz+Ubuntu = Nirvana

I have been trying out desktops for a while now, and just so you know, my idea of a perfect GUI is that of a macintosh. After having my windows transformed into a MAC look pony I was itching to give my ubuntu a mac look too, but there was nothing available. Gdesklets sucked and did not come any closer, so I ended up running an OSX theme on Gnome which was not all that great.
For the zen types, yeah I know simplicity is great, I tried using fluxbox and simple window manager for sometime. The problem is that they are too stable to be interesting :P and I dont like it when the sea gets too calm. Also lemme use my 1 GB ram will you..?? :D

So I got a link to a great article which just gave a few steps to install XGL+compiz on ubuntu. There's a lot of buzz going on about XGL in comp Sci community so I decided to give it a try. And believe me the screenshots dont do justice to it. You gotta see it in action. The best part is that it uses full hardware acceleration and does not run like other graphic intensive pigs.
If you have ubuntu installed, definitely check the article above. Check out this video too. Well I took it on my cam and the quality sucks but hey...who cares!! I have a desktop rivallling mac :)

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