Thursday, March 02, 2006

New look...

Well I decided to give my blog a new look. Not that I have lot of free time to kill, just that I had already ruined my day so I wanted to ruin it completely :).

I would like your opinion on the design of the site, the color combinations, the readability etc. Rohith... I will be looking for your comment :P.

And yeah making templates is definitely not a rocket science so if any of you guys are interested in customizing your blog, download a freely available template, get a good photo editing software (picassa will be enough... if you want it to be too jazzy then go for photoshop) and you are good to go. You have to cleanup CSS but I am assuming that if one is savvy enough to use a blog then reading a bit of CSS wont be difficult.

Do tell me if something is crappy in here.


  1. You may want to do the white thing in the middle a little less transparent to increase readability. Other than that, it's cool.

  2. I like this new template!
    very snazzy!

  3. point taken Jorge..
    and thanx Megha

  4. Now that you're done with the template, start working on the content!
    < Evil laughter >

    (ok, I'm just kidding ya)


  5. pretty neat , has a personalized touch to it :D it really highlights the timeline feature

    kudos mate

  6. Thanx for the suggestion everyone.. I have decreased the transparency of the background. Lemme know is anything else have to be changed.

  7. Check out the favicon on the address bar...