Monday, November 28, 2005

Blog addict

Well one thing is for sure that I am addicted to blogging. I have 3 blogs... well i do maintain only this regularly though. Since all of you know that I got a camera and have gone into a clicking spree... I thot it was now time for a new blog.

One thing that am always running short of is time so I was looking for the most easy way to accomodate photoblogging into my schedule. I tried photo blogging with picasssa and it didnt quite click on the time factor. Live journal was again something similar i tried using flickr. I used it earlier for photo sharing now i'll use it for one liner photo blogs. The flickr uploader works great and all I have to do is to right click the file and do "send to flickr" (on windows ofcourse... nothing there on linux :( ).
This is the RSS feed and this is the link to the photostream... do take a look at it.

Also I was meddling with my camera on linux. Kodak EasyShare software simply sucks on windows. I had really no hope as its a new model. I plugged in my camera and fired Kaboo (i guess that is the name... but not quite sure)... FC4 detected it gracefully, asked me which photos to transfer and transffered the required files... thats all I want from a camera software. Although I was a bit frustated... I like when things are cryptic... I wanted to mount /dev/sda1 and open the camera card... I hate it when my FC4 detects my flash drive and places an icon on my desktop :P. Anyway linux rulz.


  1. on windows of course... nothing there on linux :(
    But you can do it yourself and give it out for free, no? I thought that was the magix of Linux :P.
    (Note: the x in magix was a typo, but it works wonderfully)

  2. Of course... If I had flickr api... infact that is not "magix" of linux... u could have done the same thing on windows too if the flickr api was open...

  3. Hey sridhar, no the entry is not from a book, its a self written piece

  4. w.r.t your comment posted on "The Master Speaks"
    I usually add the source with credit if i pick up an extract.

  5. k... then i wud say that u r a really kewl writer.

  6. hu=i man whats up? how come you are so silent in your blog busy with studies?