Friday, November 25, 2005

Shoot 'em down ...

I am now the proud owner of Kodak c360. The retail price is $239 and i got it for $129.9... I also purchased a 512 mb mem card for just $19.

I love Black fridays... I went to Best Buy at around 2 am , only to find that people were standing there since 7 pm ...that is insane!! But it paid off anyway. The camera is a powerpacked pony, despite its small size, it has slr features plus manual focus option... i am loving it. It is a 5 Mp cam and is the latest C series Kodak camera. 3x optical +5x digital zoom... slick!!. I wanted to go for the camcorder but it was a bit outside my budget... panasonic 26x/1000x for just $249. Either these guys are trying sell their goods at a big loss or they are thugging us during normal days.

To top it all I got a pack of 25 CDR+75 DVD-R for just $2.9 .... incredible!! Posted by Picasa


  1. cool man now u can fulfill u'r dreams of being a porn star :-)
    you have really gota good bargain man which is an excellent example of your economical nature :-)
    anyway have lots of fun n keep posting new pics

  2. dude !! when did I ever say that!! .My parents, who happen to read my blog too, wont be too happy at that bold disclosure though :P

    Not exactly a bargain considering everyone standing in the queue got the deal. and i was never economical... i dont think ne guy is economical. Remember that phrase A guy pays double the price for a thing he needs, A gal pays half the price for a thing that she doesnt need.