Monday, November 07, 2005

My experiments with truth...

For the past two days I have been trying desperately to get my own VM page replacement scheme to work on FreeBSD, but all in vain. I am implementing FIFO and the version I am using supports LRU (infact any OS does). So of course i was expecting a clear increase in the number of pagefaults or perhaps a system crash due to excessive thrashing. My two test programs gave me the fault count of 15636 and 6 for LRU and FIFO. The results were quite opposite to what i had expected. I was using a combination of both LRU and FIFO. FIFO for active list and LRU for the inactive, cached and free list. I thought that I would have hit onto something really great. I was so overjoyed that i called my project mate Jorge at midnight!! later inspection of the code revealed that i had made a programatical mistake and the damned thing was just spittin out garbage.aaah...
After fixing the code the two algorithms for some divine reason were giving me almost the same results. One other grp too was getting that result.... i decided to give it a break.

As usual I started watching tech videos/podcasts/vodcasts. One of them involved ARP poisoning using the man in the middle attack. I have been browsing for stuff for ages now, so didn't give it a second thought. But since I was on Linux that time, i gave it a try. I used a simple utility called ettercap (am not going to give you the links, if u r smart u r gonna get them anyway... otherwise think that i did u a favour... most funny stuffs u can do with it are illegal). I added a filter that just sniffed the incomming packets for images and replaced them with my photograph. I did not care to switch that thing off. Actually it was really funny to see my photo plastered all over my roomy's browser. Then the bitter truth came to me. Instead of scanning my subnet, i had left the sniffer lose onto the whole network.
I just hope nobody else is online at midnight and the cops understand the humor :P

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