Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Life... File Not Found

From my earlier posts you could have imagined that my life is really going the way I always wanted... Highly techie type, but today I felt my brain getting fried. Not that I was doing something hightly demanding, just the fact that I had been working out too much lately drained me out.

Well for the past couple of days I was working with FreeBSD kernel... a job that I love to do... so finished it before the deadline and started adding elegant features and test modules which were way beyond the requirement. Now that the project is over, I have another project at hand... this one is a C# project and is quite a biggie... I was given 5 weeks time to finish it...the deadline is this wednesday and I started it yesterday. I will have to satisfy all the requirements according to spec sheet before the deadline. Man ...only if I liked Windows like *niX... The fact that anyone can write a program easily in .NET makes the whole work of writing C#.NET code unexciting. Well yeah then you only use C# and java to implement business logic.

I have written few great tools on languages like Java and C# and there is no way I could do the same thing with C like language. But for reasons unknown to me, they dont excite me a bit. I tend to get bored writing code in those language. Implementation is so trivial that if u know the logic, there's no way you cannot write an application unless you are extraordinarily stupid.
If u use these languages then u only need to figure out what to do instead of how to do. The problem being that once you know what to do, doing it becomes simple and boring. These facts make them superb language for commercial application development.... which makes me wonder if I will ever be happy settling for a regular job where engineers are like machines ... who are just thinking mechanically and doing nothing more than a blue collared worker. The only difference being that they get to sit in an air conditioned chamber and get paid more. The work is almost similar with CS engg using components to make up a bigger system.

I kindda like putting my feet in uncharted waters, hacking the kernel, learn some fancy languages like C#,Jave, php ...write one or two great applications using them and then forget about them. The more obscure the thing is the more I like it.... I loved to crack windows applications and snoop the network but that too got boring after a while. I guess am on my way to be a scientist...but i dont think that i'll be doing Phd...My Dream: Being the CTO of a multinational Software company or better start a company and be its CTO/President.

PS: my pc is adware infested...ne one knows how to remove them. I tried spy doctor & norton but no avail :(.... i hate when my webpage changes automatically to some cell phone vendor site and flash animation cover my screen when i am online(which accounts for 15/24 of my day)


  1. lolz.. a hacker (so called..) can't stop a adware???

  2. hehe... i know the regular routine of booting into safe mode and cleaning the registry, running ewido and ccleaner. But I am to lazy and busy to do it.... am looking for click and kill solution.