Friday, November 04, 2005


One thing that made life really kewl in Bangalore was the abundance of like minded engineers and scientists. By that I mean I knew a lot of people who were or wanted to be Linux geeks. The BLUG, although was politics infested like any other large group but those who were not involved always enjoyed the rich flow of intellectual material at the BoFs (birds of a feather meetups) and the annual LBA meet. Especially this annual event never fails to excite me. I totally went nut for linux and broke my association with Windows in 2003 when i attended the talk by Herald welte (author of netfilters), Miguel and Nat (Mono), Brian (Apache ofcourse) and Rasmus(php's dad) (of course i do code a teeny weeny bit on windows when the situation demands).
This year they have come yet again with a big bang. They have even roped in Alan Cox (those of u who dont know who he is...go kill urself) to give a couple of talks. Now the number of talks are around 185 and include everything from BSD to desktop to embedded development. Check out this tallk list. It is as great as Linux Kongress meet. I am missing Bangalore :(

Ya and BTW i did well on the SMA mid term. Got 94.4/100 ... it was the 3rd highest i think. It counts for 1/3 of the gpa and was really a refreshing change after getting scores which were 3rd lowest. Somehow I only show my mettle in exams?? even in algorithm... and i know why... i simply dont work hard for assignments.... but come on no one is perfect. (Agent Smith said: You r still only human :P)

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